Giro 2016 US

Product Documentary Rock Mountains, USA

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The Mountain West is home to some of the most unique and stunning geography in the world, and to embrace it from the driver’s seat of a Lamborghini is an experience unlike any other. But it’s not just about driving; while an integral part of the program, it’s the attention to detail and utmost luxury that keep owners coming back every year.

“It’s a fantastic way to experience the country, and to enjoy nice destinations, food and companionship,” said Alessandro Farmeschi, Chief Operating Officer of Lamborghini America.

“The Lamborghini Giro is an intimate experience, and something that only happens once a year in North America. We put a lot of thought into the location and activities, but it’s the meticulous detail and the connection that guests make not only with their cars, but with the other Lamborghini owners that make it such an enviable program.”

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